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Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Best of 2016


Yorkshire Wedding Photographer | Best of 2016

So, 2016. An unfortunate year for celebrities. And politics. But I have to say it’s been an incredible year for me! This has been my busiest year so far, and I feel very privileged to have been able to capture so many happy couples and families, not to mention 15 brand new humans, and a couple of humans still being cooked! It’s been amazing to meet so many new wedding suppliers this year, and to catch up with some lovely people that I already know. I also want to especially thank Eleanor Woodruff, Tim Dunk and Bhavna Barratt for their assistance and being generally awesome!

It’s taken me far too long to put this collection of images together. In my usual fashion I’ve taken images out and the put them back in again, replaced them and then changed my mind, swapped them for a different orientation and then swapped them back, and generally ummed and aahhed for hours. Because how do you cut out photographs that make you smile because you remember how excited a particular bride-to-be was, or how impressed you were at the skill needed to make that cake/dress/bouquet, or how you had to try not to well up during the father-of-the-bride speech because you couldn’t risk foggy vision!

So this is what I’ve finally narrowed it down to, the best bits of my 2016 (wedding-wise that is, adorable naked babies are still to come!). There might be a touch of grain here and there, or the odd rogue shadow, but all of these images have been chosen because they make me feel something. They bring back a memory or memories of an amazing day that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Or that time I got a bit giddy about the light. Or the shoes…

This collection encompasses everything that wedding photography is about for me; the things that I love to document and the way that I see them. The details are important – dress, flowers, venue, colours, textures, style – because of the love and time that went into choosing them. And of course there are the big events – getting into your wedding gown, the ring exchanges, speeches, bouquet toss, first dance, I could go on! But I also love the in-between moments that you don’t even notice at the time; a glance, a smile, a hand squeeze. Magic.

Enjoy, and bring on 2017! x




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