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Looking for relaxed, natural, baby-led newborn photography in your own home? Then keep reading!


About your newborn shoot.


Newborn shoots are one of my favourite things about being a photographer, and I feel so lucky that I am able to travel around Yorkshire meeting your little ones and call it work!


It is such a privilege to be asked to photograph a newborn baby in their first weeks. And I'm always so impressed with any parent who is up to having a stranger in their home in this time.

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Baby-led newborn photography.


From the very start babies have their own little personalities, likes, and dislikes. And they're not shy about letting you know when you're getting it wrong! Something that one baby is perfectly content with another will have none of (being put down is a very good example!).


For this reason my newborn shoots are all completely different and are very much led by your baby. Sometimes they'll sleep contentedly for the whole session, other times they'll be wide awake. We'll try a variety of positions to find the one(s) that your little one is most comfortable with, both in your arms and on their own.

When and wherE.


Newborn shoots last 1-2 hours and always take place at your home. Ideally we'll do the shoot in the first two weeks after they're born, but up to four weeks is no problem.


We'll use a few different parts of your house, often the living room, your bedroom and the nursery if you have one. But I'll mostly head for the best light!


I always try and include mums and dads in these shoots; partly because newborns always prefer to be in your arms, but also because I know how important these photographs will be to you as he/she is growing up. But if you're really not up to being photographed at this time I can just use you as a prop!

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Yorkshire Newborn Photographer.

What Next?


Although I do try to make myself available for people who enquire once their baby is here, I do recommend booking in your newborn shoot whilst you're still pregnant to be safe! I take on a limited number of newborn shoots per month to ensure that I have plenty of space free in the two weeks before and after your due date.


Please take a look at my Newborn Photography Gallery for lots of examples from my newborn shoots. Packages start at £150, and you can visit my Portraits Pricing section to find out more.


Here you'll also find prices for booking multiple sessions to document your little one's first year which is something I love to do! Head over to my main Portrait Galleries to see loads of photos of the gorgeous mums-to-be and older babies I've captured in recent years, and if you're interested don't forget to read more about what to expect from your maternity and older baby shoots.


If you would like to find out more or to book in a shoot please fill in the enquiry form. I can't wait to hear from you!


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