Wedding Photographer Leeds | Best of 2017

Wedding Photographer Leeds | Best of 2017

wedding photographer Leeds | 2017 Highlights by Yorkshire wedding photographer Laura Calderwood

Wedding Photographer Leeds. Where to begin? 2017 has been something of  rollercoaster, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for what I do and the people who welcome me into their lives for their most important moments. I’ve said it before but I genuinely cannot believe how lucky I am that I can call this my job. Sure there are late nights, lots of Saturdays, my lower back and shoulders aren’t always that impressed with me, and the tax man seems to think I need punishing for enjoying work haha! But every week I get to meet new people and share in their happiness and let me tell you, it’s totally addictive!

So here it is, my 2017 Highlights. It’s taken many late bedtimes, umpteen cups of tea and I’m not gonna lie, a fair amount of Gin, but I have finished! I’ve had to keep it to just weddings, for fear of breaking people’s scrolling finger, but I’m working on a engagement shoot and a bump/baby/tiny terrors roundup so keep an eye out. I find it so hard to decide what qualifies as a “highlight” as weddings are full of incredible moments; I mean, that’s the whole point. So when I was putting this collection together I tried to make sure it reflected the things that I, personally, love about weddings; the things that I look out for and get a bit giddy about capturing. Such as…

Love (ok, thats an obvious one, but it comes in many forms!)

Belly laughs

Tears. Of joy, hopefully!


Children (people often ask me how I feel about children at weddings so for future reference, I bloody LOVE them. Just don’t expect them to do anything you ask them to do, that way you can’t be disappointed!)

Confetti faces

Dad’s face, or for that matter mum’s, grandparents’, siblings’ and offspring. A loved one seeing the bride all ready for the first time will always be one of my favourite parts of the day

Walking down the aisle. When I’m at the front it’s the bride I see, at the back it’s the groom. Either way it’s magic

Flowers (Monet said it best; “I must have flowers, always, and always”.)

The Shoes. And The Dress. And when it all comes together.

My time with the bride and groom. I try not to take a couple away from their guests for too long, but I’m always excited about spending a little time photographing the new Mr & Mrs (or Mrs & Mrs, or Mr & Mr!). I love working at a venue for the first time where everything is new to me. And I also love revisiting familiar venues where I have my favourite locations (but I find new spots as well, gotta keep it fresh!).

Speeches. I have learnt much about my couples during this part of the day. Sometimes too much.

Emotional grooms will always make my day. Channel your inner Elsa fellas and just Let It Go.

Flash. My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 was to use my flash more. So naturally the first thing I did was buy two more, ahem. But the pressure associated with buying new equipment meant that I’ve worked hard on upping my game for the first dance and the after party, and the odd evening portrait. You’ll have to let me know what you think!

Evening light. That golden sun just before sunset is heaven to photograph in, and 2017 did not disappoint in that department!

Now to the thank you’s. Most importantly I want to thank all the amazing bride’s and groom’s who have put their trust in me this past year: Andrew, Billie, Charlie, Chris, Claire, Cordelia, Dani, David, Deborah, Dietrich, Edd, Eleanor, Emily, Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma, Georgia, Glenn, Hilary, Jacob, Jamie, Joe, Kate, Kate, Kayne (got it right this time!), Lauren, Liam, Lindsay, Lizzie, Luke, Matt, Matt, Matt, Megan, Nainita, Olivia, Paul, Paul, Pete, Phil, Rebecca, Richard, Ryan, Sally, Sam, Sara, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Scott, Sharon, Simon, Stephen, Tim, Tim, Tom aaaaaand Tom! THANK YOU ALL! It means a great deal and I’m eternally grateful to you.

I also need to thank the other fab photographers who’ve helped me out this year. Natasha, Jamie, Jo, Lissa, Brigitta, Nathan, Ian – thank you all for being so awesome, I have loved working with you guys!

And to all the amazing venues I’ve worked at whose staff have taken such great care of these people, and often me! 3 Acres, Aldwark Manor, Carlton Towers, Coniston Hotel, Crab and Lobster, Crown Hotel Harrogate, Denton Hall, Devonshire Arms, East Riddlesden Hall, Falcon Manor, Goldsborough Hall, Lineham Farm, Newby Hall, Old Deanery, Papakata, Principal York, Rossington Hall, Rudding Park, Sandburn Hall, The Hawkhills, Tower Hill Barns, Woodlands Hotel and The Yorkshire Wedding Barn.

I could also go on about all the florists, make up artists, hair stylists, wedding planners and other suppliers I’ve loved working with this year but I think we’re already verging on too many lists and yells of “where are the pictures?!”, so I’ll save that for now and promise you all a blog post in the coming weeks!

I’ll stop now. Except to say if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer in Leeds, or anywhere else for that matter, then please do get in touch. I have lots of availability for 2019 and some for 2018, and I’d love to hear from you!

Laura x

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    I live near Ilkley with my slightly* nutty 9 year old Rose, and I have had the honour of photographing weddings and families for 11 years now. I genuinely cannot believe how lucky I am that I get to call this my job.

    *she once told me that traffic lights are the bane of her life, and she went through a phase of naming everything "Cantameen". Send help!

    I love photographing people. Whether it's your wedding day, you're expecting or have just had a baby, or you simply want to capture your loved ones the way they are right now, my aim is to document unique moments in time to create a beautiful set of images that you will treasure for many years to come. My style combines photojournalism with beautiful portraits, and my fun and relaxed approach makes you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera – I want you to actually enjoy having your photograph taken!

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