9 reasons to book me as your wedding photographer

Here are a few things I aim for when I'm photographing a wedding. If any of them resonate with you then please do get in touch to tell me more about what you have planned. I could talk weddings all day!

You want someone discreet but approachable. Someone who can blend in with your guests, who knows when to join in and when to step back and watch things unfold.

You want some beautiful shots of just you two that reflect who you are, and not just a series of posed shots.

You want to look back on your wedding photos in years to come and be transported back to the day; to feel how you felt at the time.

You want loads of candid shots of the important parts of the day and the important people in your lives.

You like soft, light, warm & colourful photos; not overly saturated but not dark and moody either. You want photos that are beautifully edited so that everyone looks their best, but not photoshopped to within an inch of their life! You want your photos to be timeless.

You want to feel like your photographer is another friend sharing your big day with you all. An honorary bridesmaid who can help do up your dress if everyone else is flapping, who can firmly but politely refuse yet another posed photo request from a well-meaning aunt, who can give your guests tips on the best way to throw confetti (it’s an art!), and who can provide a sneaky tissue to an emotional groom in the nick of time.

You want all the little details of your day photographed beautifully too. You’ve spent hours choosing the right dress, flowers, cake and you want these capturing in all their glory, but without it taking too much time away from the real action!

You want some group photos with the important people in your lives to look back on in years to come, but don’t want this to take all afternoon!

You want to see parts of the day that you didn’t get to see at the time.

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