Oh, hey!I'm Laura.






This is me! I live in beautiful Burley in Wharfedale and am so lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous Yorkshire countryside, and also only about 90 mins from the beach! I live with my slightly* nutty 9 year old Rose and our two rabbits, two guinea pigs and one goldfish. We tried to have more than one goldfish but now have a large fishy graveyard for our efforts. Tiddles doesn’t like to share her space.


*I say slightly, she once told me that traffic lights are the bane of her life, and she went through a phase of naming everything "Cantameen". Send help!


I shot my first solo wedding in 2011. I was studying for a PhD in Osteology at the time, but I eventually made the tough decision to give that up and start my business, and I haven’t looked back. Sometimes something just “fits” and for me that thing is photography. I’d be lost without it (and I got proof of that during Covid, yikes). Which is actually mad if you consider how much of my life I spent avoiding the camera myself! But then maybe that’s what makes it the thing for me, I know how you feel and want to change that! I genuinely cannot believe how lucky I am that I get to call this my job.


As well as photography I’m know for my love of cake & donuts, my ability to kill a houseplant, quoting too much from Friends, and my unashamedly bad taste in music (Hanson, anyone?). I learnt the 50 US states and their capitals for a quiz when I was a teenager and can still remember them. Yet I still frequently lose my phone in my own house. My favourite colour is green and my favourite smell is Christmas tree.

I bloody love weddings and could talk about them all day. I also bloody love babies and nothing makes me happier than when I get to engineer a snuggle with your little one during your newborn shoot!


Most of all of course I love photographing people. Whether it's your wedding day, you're expecting or have just had a baby, or you simply want to capture your loved ones the way they are right now, my aim is to document unique moments in time to create a beautiful set of images that you will treasure for many years to come. My style combines photojournalism with beautiful portraits, and my fun and relaxed approach makes you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera – I want you to actually enjoy having your photograph taken!


Although I’m based near Ilkley I cover all of Yorkshire and I’m actually happy to travel anywhere for weddings and portrait shoots. So if you have any questions then please get in touch using one of my contact forms. In the meantime, grab a cuppa and browse through my wedding or portrait galleries, or take a look at my most recent work on the blog.


I can't wait to hear from you x

More Random FACTS about me


· Being by the sea.

· Dogs at weddings.

· Seaglass

· Flowers – I know some great florists too, ask me for my faves!

· Winter light

· Frosty mornings

· Autumn leaves – my favourite season

· Toadstools

· Scary movies

· 90s sitcoms

· Saying hello to random dogs on a walk (especially when their owners think I’m talking to them. I’m not!)

· Cherry blossom time

· Family time

· Catching up with friends over a G&T

· Tea & cake

· Donuts

· Hot chocolate with the works

· Christmas mugs

· Golden hour

· Long drinks receptions (2 hours would be lovely, thanks!)

· Glasshouses

· Yorkshire puddings (still trying to find the best vegan recipe, send me tips!)

· Newborn baby toes (I’m a baby photographer too, it’s not that weird...)


· Being too hot

· Ghosting

· Blue cheese

· People who don’t pick up after their dog

· Sports (I’m not coordinated!)

· Endless group photos (let’s keep it quick, painless & fun!)

· Taking down the Christmas decorations

· Raw onion

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