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Maternity shoots can take place at your home or at a location of your choosing, or both! I recommend booking your maternity shoot in for when you’re around 33-37 weeks pregnant; late enough that you’ve got a perfect bump but before the major bloating and discomfort of the last stages kicks in, hopefully! You can book the shoot just for yourself, or you can bring dad-to-be, or get the whole family involved.

Comfort is obviously key when you’re thinking about what to wear, but I also aways recommend lighter colours over darker ones as I find they accentuate the bump nicely! Textures always work well (lace, chunky knits and so on) and if you’re coming as a couple or family then it’s great if you can coordinate your outfits a bit. I don’t mean matching t shirts or anything! But all wearing something blue, for example, can really help to bring you all together. And always avoid logos and recognisable cartoon characters as they tend to steal focus!

Maternity shoots can be booked on their own, however I often find that families like to book in one or more shoots for after baby is born as well. This is one of the many wonderful things about my job as I love being able to see a family again and again, and document their little one’s first year! More details can be found on my Maternity Info and Portraits Pricing pages.




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