Yorkshire Baby & Family Photography


Children change so fast. One minute they’re this wriggling, hiccupping, rib-kicking little ball safe inside your tummy, and the next they’re here and screaming bloody murder if you even think about putting them in their own cosy bed. They quickly transform into a babbling bundle of squidgy folds and chubby smiles, and then before you know it they’re off and you never sit down again! I know from watching my own little girl change that although the days can sometimes (i.e. more often than not!) seem so very looooooooong, the years go fast and it’s so wonderful to be able to look back through photographs of her and see her grow.

So if you are having or have recently had a baby, or if your little ones are just growing up too fast and you want to create some beautiful memories together, then scroll down to the grid below to see some of the gorgeous munchkins I have had the pleasure of photographing over the past few years!

Oh, and you’ll probably notice that there are a lot of baby galleries! The changes that little ones go through in their first year of life are incredible, it’s no wonder they’re often so grumpy and fussy! So I’ve created a few different collections to show you what you can expect from a baby shoot with me at each stage. One of my favourite things is when a family books me for a series of shoots over their baby’s first year, so that I get to watch their newest addition grow. You can find more info about booking multiple sessions on my pricing page.

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